(Prices include VAT)

Brown Trout: 
Hotel Guests - £5.00 per rod per day (without boat)
Hotel Guests - £25.00 per rod per week (without boat)
Visitors - £7.00 per rod per day (without boat)
Visitors - £35.00 per rod per week (without boat)

Boat Hire
On Brown Trout Lochs all season
Hotel Guests and Visitors - £20.00 per day

Sea Trout & Salmon  (Boat Included)

February – June
Hotel Guests: £35.00 per rod per day
Visitors: £45.00 per rod per day

July & August
Hotel Guests: £45.00 per rod per day
Visitors: £55.00 per rod per day

September & October
Hotel Guests: £55.00 per rod per day
Visitors: £75.00 per rod per day

Bag Limit
The North Uist Estate wish to encourage anglers to adopt their own self-imposed catch and release policy for Sea Trout.  Your help in encouraging this objective will be greatly appreciated.  A bag limit of 2 fish (salmon or sea trout / combination of both) will apply per day.  All Salmon and Sea Trout under 1 ¼lbs must be returned.  There is no bag limit on Brown Trout.

Brown Trout  15th March to 30th September 2014
Salmon        25th February to 15th October 2014
Sea Trout     15th March to 31st October 2014