What to see & do

TAIGH CHEARSABHAGH ARTS CENTRE & MUSEUM is based in Lochmaddy and is across the road from the Hotel. Exhibitions are on show all year round and change frequently. There is a great gift shop and the Post Office is also housed in Taigh Chearsabhagh. Paintings are displayed in the Cafe and other works are shown in the other Galleries. Open all year round from 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday. www.taigh-chearsabhagh.org

HEBRIDEAN SMOKEHOUSE is a small family run business located at Clachan, on the island of North Uist. From the pristine environment of North Uist they select the finest fish and using only sea salt and peat cut from the Uist moors to produce smoked salmon and seatrout of the highest quality with a unique and distinctive peaty flavour. To make smoked salmon and seatrout of this quality they prepare and smoke only in small batches relying on traditional methods and skills throughout production including hand-slicing for their packets of slices and sliced whole sides. www.hebrideansmokehouse.com

HEBRIDEAN JEWELLERY are manufacturers of sterling silver and gold jewellery from the Pictish and Celtic periods through to the new millennium range. This quality jewellery is manufactured in the township of Iochdar by the silver sands of the North West coast on the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. This finely crafted jewellery has wide appeal from neck torcs through to brooches or delicate earrings with some inset with various gemstones. They also make Celtic wedding band rings, unique necklaces, gold pendants and bracelets.  www.hebrideanjewellery.co.uk

UIST OUTDOOR CENTRE is set amidst a superbly rugged and unspoilt natural coastal environment, Uist Outdoor Centre offers unique locations, facilities and instruction for individuals, families, corporate, educational and leisure groups seeking unforgettable outdoor experiences.  Whether you want to go above or below water, climb rocky mountains or walk the hills and coastline, a visit to the Uist Outdoor Centre offers spectacular wild environments, superb wildlife, and the prospect of genuine adventures! www.uistoutdoorcentre.co.uk

SALAR SMOKEHOUSE is based in Lochcarnan in South Uist. Renowned for their "Flaky Hot Smoked Salmon" which is one of Rick Stein's Food Heroes and has also gained numerous awards for their product. www.salar.co.uk

CLADDACH KIRKIBOST CENTRE is on the east of the island and has a Cafe which produces Hot and cold meals, homemade chutney, jams and Tablet.  At the Cafe you can purchase local arts and crafts. www.hebrideankitchen.co.uk

MACGILLIVRAYS in Balivanich, Benbecula is a a family run business with their premises stocking books, gifts, furnishings, tweeds, clothes, island based baking and confectionary, Hebridean Jewellery, DVDs, CDs and much more. www.macgil.co.uk

UIST SCULPTURE GUIDE is a collection of sculptures situated around the Uists and details of the Lochmaddy Sculptures are listed below:

Mosaic Mackeral - Situated on the rocks just outside Taigh Chearsabhagh. The idea of a fish, and particularly a makerel is significant as it pays homage to the death of the fishing industry in the islands and to the decline of fish in our seas.

Hut of the Shadows - Situated on a peninsula in Sponish, Lochmaddy. It looks out towards the sea and the scattering of small islands that make up this beautiful coastal area.  The interior passage leads you into a dark space where a camera obscura projects a remarkable moving image onto the interior wall.  This ever changing image of sea and sky, combined with the sound of the waves and wind, offers and intriguing experience.

High Tide /Low Tide - The artist wanted to reflect Taigh Chearsabhagh's closeness to the sea and it's dramatic tidal surge. She also incorporated the history of Taigh Chearsabhagh which stands close to the site of a salt factory.